Who Was Jack Moody?

Last year while perusing an assortment of overpriced antique cameras at a flea market I came across a mystery. In several battered boxes under this dealers table I found the life's work of a photographer by the name of Jack Moody. I purchased all the dealer had and returned several times to find yet more of his Kodachromes hidden under those tables. 

What I believe I know of this man, as related by the dealer and the images I've scanned is this. He was born between 1910 and 1920, he toured the world, loved cars, racing and sailing. He worked from 1952-1954? in Japan helping with the rebuilding efforts. He may have been an engineer for Porsche.  He was a hell of a photographer. 

I would love to know more about this man, if you know anything about him or his family I would appreciate being put in touch with them.  


The work of Jack Moody, Japan 1952-1954